with Bennett Day Upper School

An afternoon of design-thinking and engineering for 7th-9th Grade Students

Dive deep into invention with cutting edge tools at your disposal! While your parents are getting all the Bennett Day Upper School details at the Information Session upstairs (register separately  by clicking the link if your family has not yet attended an info session), you will be getting your hands "dirty" while experiencing what our progressive approach to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) learning looks and feels like.

The Middle School STEAM Lab blends science, math, and arts content with engineering practices, design thinking, and learning tools for the 21st century. The afternoon will consist of two different "modules" exploring these connections:


  • TESLab Maker Space & Engineering for the Body: Learn more about the design-thinking process and biomedical engineering while using all of the tools and resources in the Bennett Day School TESLab (Tinkering and Engineering Sciences Lab) to invent and prototype a solution to a proposed medical issue. 


  • Gaming with Microcontrollers: Design and prototype a game targeted toward a specific audience. Incorporate microcontrollers, servo motors, LEDs, and more to interact with gamers in ways they have never dreamed of before! The sky is the limit!

 **Please note that ALL 7th-9th grade students are encouraged to register, regardless of whether parents are attending the concurrent information session!  Many families have already attended a session or Open House and need not attend again.**

We will be taking pictures and videos to document student learning that we will send to you via email after the lab. We may use them for future promotion of this event, but no identifying images will be used publicly during this enrollment cycle. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns by emailing