Tuesday, November 14 from 12:00 - 1:00 pm (CT)

Register below if you'd like to attend this VIRTUAL workshop led by Bennett Day School's Early Childhood Director, Meg Fitzgerald, and Bambini & Me Teacher, Kasey Dahlberg (or if you can't make it but would like the recording to be sent to you).

Workshop Description:

Self-regulation, the ability to manage thoughts and feelings to accomplish goals or directive actions, has become recognized as foundational in promoting well-being across the lifespan, including educational achievement and physical, emotional, social, and economic health.

Self-regulation leads to the behaviors necessary for success in school, relationships, and the workplace; however, it’s not internal to a child and begins to develop through interaction with parents, teachers, and caregivers. This supportive process is called co-regulation and it may be the most important thing we do as grown-ups in our children’s lives.

Join us as we discuss the brain science behind co-regulation, relationships and our role as parents, and how we can look at behavior differently.