DSC01918-1.jpgBright young toddlers and preschoolers investigate their world through the process of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting. Join us for a toddler-friendly, multi-sensory experience! With the help of Bennett Day School Faculty, children will begin learning about their senses through engaging hands-on activities. This event is designed for children 2-6 years old.

Tinker-Time: Touch and See: Build skills of collaboration, imagination and engineering by working with one of our TESLab teachers. Children will use natural materials to tinker, engineer and build structures (perhaps even fairy habitats in science garden, if weather permits).

Drama-Dough: Touch, Smell and See: Open your imagination by combining sensory-rich playdough activities with dramatic forms of self-expression! Children investigate textural items, natural objects, and our homemade scented play-doughs.

Music-Making: Listen, See and Touch: Take part in explorations of sound, rhythm, and upcycled musical instruments. Join our talented music instructor to make music together.

Sensory Snack: Taste, Smell and Touch: Enjoy us for a wholesome, mid-morning nut-free snack provided by our talented in-house chef.

You may also be interested in our Meet the Educators event on 11/28. Click here for more details.